Unpaid Loans: What Happens? How to Get a Loan?

In this article we will explain everything that entails in case of unpaid financing. We have summarized in 4 points the main events related to the insolvency of loan installments.

1. Unpaid Loans: Consequences

1. Unpaid Loans: Consequences

As you well know, every loan, mortgage, personal loan, revolving card, is linked to an amortization plan or a number of installments, with a pre-established amount, and a specific monthly expiry. Respecting the deadline of each individual installment is certainly important, but it is also true that it is not always possible to meet these deadlines.

The crisis of recent years, personal events, momentary misunderstandings, are often the cause of a temporary discomfort that can lead to non-compliance with the monthly expiry of a loan. This, in most cases, determines a report in the credit data banks.

Loans not paid: What does it involve to be reported in the databases?

Credit systems are linked to databases, among the most important ones are global company, Experian and CTC. These are a container of information that records every single operation connected to the payment of installments of a loan.

When the monthly installment deadline is not met, the systems immediately report the mistake and as a result our name will be linked to the list of bad payers. Being a bad payer limits access to credit or, better said, the possibility of obtaining new financing.

Then we’ll explain what possibilities you have available, how we can help you get a new loan.

2. Unpaid Loans: How to check for any report?

2. Unpaid Loans: How to check for any report?

The easiest thing is to request a visa directly to the various databases, so as to ascertain who and what has reported. If you want to deepen this theme further, I suggest you read this article, dedicated to this specific aspect. We have listed, in 9 points, everything related to this topic.

3. Unpaid Loans: How to Act?

 If you have found that the notification of delay is present in the credit systems, if the bank has reported you correctly, or if it has complied with the rules of a correct communication to the consumer, at this point the way to go is to take action to regularize the outstanding.

Based on the number of late payments, then the number of installments not paid regularly upon expiry, our name will remain present in the credit databases. Until we regularize these irregularities, our registry will be on the list of bad payers.

Only after having corrected the arrears of your loan, you can wait for the cancellation in the SIC, as provided by the Privacy Guarantor.

The continuation of these reports or in the case of non-regularization of the same installments, will determine the phases of credit recovery through the same financial company or bank, or through the debt collection companies. For the latter case, we wrote an article on how to deal with a debt collection company ( click here for more information).

Being a bad payer limits access to credit or, better said, the possibility of having new financing. Then we explain to you what possibilities you have available, how we can help you to apply for a new loan.

4. Unpaid Loans: How to Get a New Loan?

 As mentioned above, getting a new loan, if reported, is not easy, but through us you have the opportunity to take advantage of this important possibility.

Maybe you have already turned to your bank or another financial that in a few seconds, entered your data to your computer, has informed you that your loan was not accepted because of a negative report to the global company.

We can help you! Whether employed or retired, we have the right solution for you, at extremely advantageous conditions. You can get new liquidity, even if reported, and manage as best you believe this amount of money. A trip, the purchase of the car, medical care or more.

How to do? Simple! Fill in the contact form you find on our website or by clicking here. In this last case, a page will open in which you will have to insert a few information, the ones necessary to be able to call you. Within 24 hours you will receive the call of one of our experts.

Once you have checked the feasibility and fulfilled your expectations, you will agree, directly to your home, a free, non-binding consultation. Our strength is capillarity, we manage requests in all the national territory. Entrust now to our consultants, get the loan you are looking for.