Online Quick Loans in the Test

A quick loan is needed if, as the name implies, it has to be done quickly. But how do you get to fast money? It is best to first ask friends and family for a cent or two. If you do not have this option online lenders are available on the internet. The normal way to your own bank is not suitable for a quick loan. Too long takes the processing time here.

  • A quick cash grant is available from friends and family
  • The alternatives are online quick loans in the internet
  • The way to your own house bank is extensive

To get the required credit within 3 hours from our quick loan test winner.

As a rule, Express credit needs a maximum of one working day for processing and transfer. When applying for the loan, borrowers can optionally use the express transfer. It costs additional fees and should therefore only be used if the money is to be available as soon as possible. Otherwise, the processing can take up to 3 working days. Since the complete loan application can be made conveniently from home, you also save valuable time.

Online loan at Express credit are not too high.

Anyone who is at least 18 years old and is responsible in managing their money matters can apply for a loan. For the online application, the borrower must own a German mobile phone number and an own e-mail address. The mobile number is necessary because the customer gets an SMS sent to the login on the online portal. In addition, the consumer will be notified via SMS about the transfer and as a reminder of the repayment date. The applicant also needs a checking account which runs in his name, so that the money also reaches the right applicant.

Also, the credit at Express credit must be hedged in a form against the default risk. Consumers have two options. They either provide themselves with a guarantee, which in the event of a default on payment will pay the required loan amount, or they choose the offer of the loan loss guarantee. This is provided by the Zaloan. Although it is chargeable, but guarantees the borrower to hedge the loan. If a separate guarantor is provided, the following points must be observed:

  • The guarantor must be at least 21 years old
  • He may not have the same account number and ID number as the credit applicant
  • He may only vouch for the borrower alone, he is already guarantor of another borrower, whether at Express credit or at another bank, so this may not vouch for the applicant
  • The personal guarantor may not have any open credits with the provider
  • The personal data and the identification of the guarantor are necessary for a credit processing