Loan for low-income earners – Information & Tips

Consumers often think they have no chance of getting a loan unless they earn enough. Many banks demand a minimum salary. Not many people know: on the internet, however, credit seekers still have a chance of getting a loan for low paid workers. Small loans up to 1,000 euros are often possible. The following information shows what low-income earners need to look out for when applying for credit and what options are available for obtaining a loan for low-income earners. If these points are taken into account, there are certainly legitimate opportunities to obtain a corresponding loan.

  • Loans for low-income earners can be found on the internet
  • Even recipients have a chance at a loan
  • Small loans up to 1,000 euros are often easy to get

Loans even with lower income

Even low-income earners have a chance at credit

students, unemployed, mini-jobbers, temporary workers or self-employed. Many banks reject a low-income loan application because they either have no regular income or the salary for a loan is too low. But if you choose a credit line that is in relation to income, the consumer has a higher chance of a granted loan. The conditions for a low-income loan are usually higher, as a low-income earner poses an increased risk for the bank. The employment situation of low-paid workers can not be compared to a fixed full-time job in terms of long-term employment. In addition, low-income earners have less money available each month for additional expenses, such as a loan.

But especially low-income earners, who need a larger sum of money to finance important investments, are dependent on a loan. With higher loan amounts, a longer term is beneficial as the monthly burden is reduced to a minimum. Small loans without installment payments are perfect loans for low-income consumers. Loan amounts of up to 5,000 euros with short maturities are possible.

Do not beg – credit for low-income

Credit for low-income earners

Express credit low earners can apply for a small loan easily and quickly. For first-time applicants a sum of money up to 199 euros (soon up to 500 euros) is possible. Depending on the creditworthiness of the borrower, another loan application is possible up to 600 euros. The short term up to 45 days is a perfect way to settle your loan with the next paycheck. On Express credit, even low-earners with negative Private credit have a chance of getting a loan. To secure the loan, in the event that the borrower can not repay the loan, a guarantee serves. The applicant can provide this either through a personal guarantor or he has the possibility of the credit guarantee of Zaloan Germany. The complete processing of the loan application takes place online. And if the consumer needs the money on the same working day, he can apply via the additional option of express transfer. As interest rates at 14.9% eff. are very high, the small loan at Express credit is suitable for investments that need to be made quickly. For example, to repair the car to reach the workplace or to finance a new washing machine.

Here is the small loan for low-income:

  • Small loans with short maturity
  • Fast and easy to apply
  • A loan can be transferred the same day by express transfer to the account
  • Zaloan Germany provides a loan guarantee as collateral
  • Loan application for free
  • no prepayment required


  • high interest rates
  • additional costs for guarantee guarantee
  • Fees for express transfer

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